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Get your Butt into Gear

Staying motivated to get that Summer body in Spring.

To get your butt into gear we have to work on three things. Getting you up early so you have the time to train, motivation so you’re pumped to do it and some targeted exercises so you’re working the right areas. Let’s get started.

Lots of girls set an alarm 100% ready to get up and get training; that is until our morning self says hello to the snooze button instead. A warm bed will win over an alarm clock every time so here are few tips to get you up and out so you can work on that booty.

Baby Steps

If you want to start getting up earlier do it in half hour steps, if you wake up at 8am and you’re trying to get to 6am if you just take the jump then your body won’t be able to adjust and you’ll be convinced you’re not a morning person. If you just get up at 7:30am each day for a week and then down to 7am until you reach 6am your body will adjust.

Peer Pressure

Start training with someone first thing in the morning. This creates accountability; you won’t want to let your girls down so you will get up and ready quicker. It’s your reputation on the line because you don’t want to be the person who doesn’t follow through. Plus, if we have something important to do our bodies tend to wake up naturally.

Track Your Progress

A simple trick is to mark an X on a calendar every day that you wake up at the right time, after a few days in a row the chain will be the motivation because you won’t want to miss one. Those X’s will get you up and give you a small win to start the day.

Make Mornings Easier

Right now you associate mornings with everything bad because it’s hard work. You’ve got to get out of your warm bed to brave the cold and run. If your goal doesn’t excite you, you’ll always see waking up early as punishment. To make your morning easier, prep all of your shake ingredients the night before, lay out your clothes and move your alarm clock so you have to get up to turn it off.

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