In a nutshell - graphic design (and content creation) for modern marketing. Everything from facebook ad graphics, ebooks, social media posts/tiles, instagram story swipe ups and website banners to standard or animated EDM design. Of course, I can do your flyers/posters, rebranding/brand bibles, newsletters and business cards too.

I have experience in fashion design and video creation also. I make an effort to understand your demographics AND your brand to create ads that align with you and your brand identity.


Good content creates a feeling. It slots itself into the life of your target audience so they can already image your products as a part of their life, or paints a picture of an ideal life that people just want to buy into. Then purchasing is a no-brainer.

Outside of this, good content is visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing. It also must reflect the style and vision of your brand. 

Jess Nugent | Fitness Model | Mental Health Blogger

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