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I just want to help people realise they are important, worthy, and able to experience happiness. To know that mental health issues do not mean you are weak and they do not define you - just as I did not let them define me. It is impossible to summarise a person in just one sentence - so I thought I’d begin with my “why”.

Where to start... I am a writer, model, advocate for mental wellness, a graphic designer and a baker! My passion for all areas of mental health stems from my personal battles, and time spent supporting loved ones through struggles also.


I graduated from Macquarie University with a BA - Psychology and use this knowledge, alongside lived-experience, to not only raise awareness and remove the stigma around anxiety/depression, but provide strategies for coping.


I have a strong focus on health and well-being. I have spent 6+ years working in the fitness industry (everything from gym management to designing activewear). Diet and exercise have been a huge part of creating balance in my own life.

I love working alongside brands and organisations from health and wellness through to charities and foundations that support women and promote being mentally healthy. Everything I promote through my website or social platforms must fit with my values and beliefs. I will not promote anything that I haven't or wouldn't personally use, or won't be helpful to my audience.


More than anything, I just want to spread happiness, because everyone has the ability to be happy - sometimes we just need a little help to find it.

Height 166cm/5'5.5"

Bust 87cm/34.5"

Waist 66cm/26"

Hips 87cm/34.5"

Hair Hazel

Eyes Blue/Green

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