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Cosmetic Injectables

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Should I? Shouldn't I? Does it hurt? What is the cost? How long does it last? .5mL or 1mL?

All questions answered!

This is a bit of a sensitive topic, purely because I think we all beautiful in our own ways and I do think there is enough pressure on us to feel like we have to look a certain way.

I do not think it is healthy to want to change everything about yourself.

That being said, beauty treatments are readily available. They range from non-invasive and temporary (ie. facials) to invasive and permanent (cosmetic surgery), and then there is everything in between.

Fillers are temporary injectables that can be applied as minimally (small amounts to small areas) or significantly (many areas at high quantities). I personally believe you can use fillers to simply enhance your own natural beauty - the same way that colouring your hair/having lash extensions/whitening your teeth can also.

It is a very personal choice. and it is certainly not for everyone.

This blog is purely informational (than any kind of a sales pitch or persuasion to get fillers). As I mentioned a lot, I aim to be as honest as possible. Yes, I get my lips done once a year at most. I also had a little botox added to my forehead as a preventative for wrinkles later (resting bitch face apparently means I frown a lot).

Yes, you can just get fillers in one area without needing to get EVERYTHING done. I want to mention, make sure you are doing it for the right reason. I have heard from people that they can be like tattoos, once you have one visit you start looking at all the other things you can have done. It is tempting to look into having other procedures but I do remind myself that I was made to look the way I do. I don't need to change or enhance everything, and the things that make us different, are the things that make us beautiful!

Yes, I also believe you can age naturally and beautifully ♥️



Where do you get your lips done?

I go to a gorgeous little place called My Botique which is located at Warringah Mall. This is the only place I have ever gone to have my lips done, and is the only place I will ever go. Why? Because quality of work is one of the most important things to take into consideration when looking at injectable treatments. It is a temporary filler, however, I prefer a more natural look and these guys are the master of this.

I see Nurse Sandika, but all of the staff there are qualified and very talented.

How many mLs do you get?

I have 1mL of JuvaDerm once a year max (my top ups have been about a year and 2 months apart each time). The first few times I went, I paid for 1mL and they used 0.6mL in the first session, they I visited a week later once the swelling had gone down to have the rest of the product applied. My Botique do this to ensure a very natural look, and it gives a chance for the swelling to go down so you are can decided where you'd like a little extra volume added. What do you ask for shape-wise?

My main concern was that my top lip would disappear when I smile. I always hated smiling in photos for this reason - which is just so silly but we all have those silly things that bother us! I explained this to Nurse Sandika and she recommended that we go for fullness in the top lip, and just a little in the bottom to keep the lips symmetrical.

How long does it last for you?

The amount of time your filler can last can really differ from person to person. It can also depend on the product used too. My Botique use JuvaDerm and JuvaDerm Plus (I haven't tried any other products, but I have tried both of these and didn't notice a HUGE difference). JuvaDerm is meant to last around 6 months on average, JuvaDerm Plus is meant to last around 6-12 months. The product is generally absorbed by the body faster in people who are active. I train 3-6 times a week and I still had product in my lips after a year (obviously they were not as full as when they were first done).

Do you get scared?

Look, it definitely isn't the most pleasant thing in the world. Firstly, I am petrified of needles. I was one of those kids in high school who had to lay down to get vaccinations or I would faint. Secondly, your lips are completely numbed 10-15 minutes prior to starting, you just feel a little pinch in some spots around the border of your lips. Thirdly, the staff at My Botique make me feel a lot more comfortable. Nurse Sandika literally makes me laugh during my appointment and helps to relax those nerves! I think the uncomfortable part is just that you know what it going on. I always liken it to doing a spin/cycle class. When you're back in the room and the class starts you think here we go... and then when you come out you are happy you did it haha. I have probably had my lips done 3 or 4 times now and I still go back despite my needle-phobia so that in itself is proof that it is not so bad. They do have a video of me having my lips injected on their instagram if you'd actually like to see the procedure... and my reaction haha (

Can we see your before and after picture?

Of course :) This is my smile before any fillers at all, and after my 3rd treatment when swelling had gone down. I also have a better tan and have done my makeup better in the second photo (obvs).


How much does it cost?

This can vary based on where you go and what products are used. Let me start by saying that you should choose a place based on the quality of their work, not on their price! If you are looking for the absolute cheapest option you may end up having work done by someone inexperienced or even unqualified!! That being said, many places charge a lot more for the same level of work and the same product, and it is always nice to save a little bit of money where you can. My Botique do 1mL of JuvaDerm for $399. They do actually offer a discount for first-time customers, if you mentioned that you read my blog you can get 20% off your first visit. Yes, I pay for my lips.

How long do you need for recovery?

Again, this can vary from person to person. Some people do bruise more than others and therefore require a little more time to recover. That being said, if you get a good lippy (the liquid matte ones are great) you can cover the bruises fairly easily! I generally don't bruise, but on my last visit I bruised more than usual. I had a large coffee on the morning of (which was really silly in hindsight and probably had something to do with the resulting bruising). You can use arnica cream o speed up bruise recovery! Swelling generally goes down after 2 days but it is only really noticeable to you and people closest to you haha. Make sure you keep up your water intake and avoid alcohol and exercise for 24 hours afterwards.

Is it safe?

All procedures carry certain risks - which is another reason why it is so important to trust the boutique/nurse you are visiting. You are less likely to experience issues when the person administering the injectors is qualified and experienced.

In terms of product, I know that JuvaDerm is FDA approved and is safe for human use - it is non-allergenic and does not contain any animal products. I'm not too sure about other products so make sure you do your research. You can info about JuvaDerm here:

I'm worried they will look fake!

This is everyone's biggest fear. It was mine as well. If you choose a great nurse and take it slow, everything will be fine. You only really notice that someone has enhanced lips (or think someone's lips look bad) when they have overdone them or gone for the cheaper/less qualified option. If you start slow you can always add, but a great injector won't let you do too much in one session anyway. Just always make sure you are in good hands! If you'd like any more info please DM me, or for more technical questions - the team at My Botique would be happy to answer them! I'll list their Instagram below.

Don't forget - you are beautiful the way you are. As I mentioned on instagram, we all have things we'd like to change, but fixating on them is not healthy. I don't think there is anything wrong with using beauty treatments to enhance your natural beauty, but if you believe you are suffering from self-esteem issues, or suffering from symptoms of depression or body dysmorphia it would be a good idea to speak to your GP and get a second opinion before looking into procedures (invasive and non-invasive!)

J xx

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